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Professional, realistic and defensible valuations are essential to divestment, investment or acquisition strategies converting into maximum stakeholder value.

At PKF Thailand we bring clarity and sound judgement to the art of valuations. We consider the purpose and objectives of each valuation and combine our depth of industry knowledge and expertise with careful financial analysis, a mature understanding of the market, and appropriate analytical methodologies to deliver clear, independent and authoritative reports.

PKF Thailand’s valuation methods include historic, current and anticipated performance, as well as dividend streams, asset-based valuation and open market value. We are experts in all accepted valuation methods and provide benchmarking against alternative options for your benefit.

Our valuation professionals are commercially focused and provide services that include:

  • Professional advice and consultation to management, boards and shareholders on transactions and takeovers
  • Assistance in identifying realistic, defensible views on value
  • Calculations on the value of equity issued to new shareholders or partners
  • Valuations of unlisted investments and private equity for financial reporting and pricing
  • Valuations for tax purposes, including tax consolidation and Purchase Price Allocations (PPA)
  • Valuations for accounting and reporting purposes, including those required under IFRS 
  • Fair assessments of executive and employee options for financial reporting purposes 
  • Valuations to assist in the resolution of commercial disputes
  • Valuations of intellectual property rights