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Outsourced Accounting

Proper, accurate and up to date accounting records and statutory tax compliance is absolutely critical to ensuring that your business is compliant with local regulations and mitigating the risk of inadvertently running into trouble with the authorities.

Furthermore, having accurate and reliable information about your business’s financial position can improve your response time to challenges that require timely decision-making. Many businesses struggle when it comes to accurately gauging their own financial position and sustainability, especially business without a fully developed accounting and finance function.

PKF Thailand is well positioned to bridge the gaps for you. Whether your business is a local startup or an expansion from overseas, our well-trained accounting and compliance specialists can help you focus on your core business while benefiting from an efficient and effective accounting function that provides timely, accurate and reliable financial data and reports.

Our qualified professionals are capable of providing practical solutions to different challenges, from the mundane day-to-day accounting functions to technically driven areas such as the interpretation and application of accounting standards relevant to your business.

PKF Thailand’s role as part of an established international network widely recognized for its quality of service also means that we enjoy access to a wealth of technical knowledge aggregated from different member firms around the world over many decades.

We provide an extensive range of accounting and financial reporting services, including:

  • Accounting systems deployment advisory and assistance
  • Bookkeeping and maintenance of accounting records
  • Financial reporting
  • Consolidations / combinations
  • Accounting advisory
  • Statutory tax calculation, filings and compliance