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Audit and Assurance

What we do

At PKF Thailand we give our clients the most efficient and effective auditing and assurance services available. Our audit and assurance group is built on a core foundation of integrity, quality and independence.

A tailored and comprehensive approach

We go beyond the basic assessment of financial information, in order to understand the unique properties of your company so that we can deliver practical business advice. Our clients represent a range of industries and business types — large and small, public and private, local and international.

The service we offer is bespoke to your business. We achieve this specialized goal by developing a strong relationship with you, understanding your business, and making sure every engagement is strongly partner and director led.

From knowledge to control

Our audit and assurance teams provide stakeholders with the confidence and credibility that comes with thorough, independent analysis. We are always alert to developments in the world of best practices, accounting and auditing standards, allowing us to offer up-to-date analysis reflecting the latest applicable industry changes.

Why choose PKF?

Our auditing and assurance services are practical, professional, and backed by the latest knowledge and technology. We tackle each project as a team in order to optimize our time, talent and resources to give you the most effective and carefully considered service available in the market today.

Our services

Our audit and assurance professional provide the following key services:

  • Statutory audits and review of financial statements required by regulatory bodies
  • IFRS and US GAAP audits and reviews
  • Audits and reviews of consolidation reporting packages
  • Special purpose audits
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures Regarding Financial Information including reports to the Board of Investment (BOI)
  • Internal control review and advisory
  • Internal audit support

Get closer to important details, with PKF Thailand.