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In today’s globalized business environment, your business can find itself in trouble with little or no warning.

A quick, decisive and targeted response to business distress driven by an independent turnaround is essential to mitigating short-term losses and long-term damage.

PKF Thailand’s turnaround professionals have wide-ranging experience in turning around business of various sizes across numerous industries throughout the ASEAN region. We specialize in assisting and supporting businesses in rationally identifying and solving problems so as to mitigate damage and move toward regaining sustainability.

We achieve this by quickly identifying the underlying causes of business distress and then working closely with stakeholders to develop, implement and manage rational and efficient turnaround strategies.

PKF Thailand’s professionals can provide you with strong support and turnaround assistance including:

  • Emergency analysis and critical issues triage solutions
  • Crisis management
  • Debt restructuring and negotiations
  • Retrenchment strategy
  • Repositioning strategy
  • Replacement strategy
  • Turnaround plan development and implementation
  • Interim management