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Transaction Services

Our transaction services experts at PKF Thailand come with decades of experience in the field, and can examine proposed transactions from every angle. Sales preparation requires deep market research, combining knowledge about the potential buyers with the merits of the assets being offered, as well as an understanding of comparable sales made within the industry. Legal requirements must also be satisfied, and appropriate presentation of the offer needs to be made.

For buyers, due diligence is a crucial aspect of the process. A fair and independent review of a company’s health can reveal hidden dangers as well as potential areas of growth that might have otherwise gone unrecognized. Projections for future performance must also be validated independently to ensure credibility.

At PKF Thailand, we are experienced and adept at analyzing each aspect of potential transactions. We can help you identify the best business opportunities, and then turn them into reality.

Our transaction services are divided into the following sections:

  • Financial modeling
  • Buy and sell side due diligence
  • Financial model validations
  • Sell side preparation