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LucaNet allows companies to create powerful consolidated financial statements, financial planning and reporting at the push of a button – in the cloud or on-premises. LucaNet have 2,300 satisfied clients in over 50 countries. Are you getting lost in error-prone Excel files when preparing your financial statements, or during the planning and reporting process? With the vast array of different ERP and financial accounting systems, is it hard for your team to keep a clear overview?

We are proud to announce that PKF in Thailand employ have 7 LucaNet Certified Professionals on their staff. All the LucaNet Certified Professionals working in Thailand work for PKF in Thailand. Not only can we provide these services in Thailand and with our offices throughout Asia Pacific, but we are also proud to be able to offer LucaNet implementation and consulting services across the world working with our other LucaNet Certified Professionals in PKF offices in the US and Europe. Together, and working closely in partnership with LucaNet we can work on your LucaNet projects anywhere in the world.

"This is a fantastic result from our team in Thailand! We fundamentally believe that technology adds incredible value to our clients and efficiency for us and so we are proud to lead from the front as we grasp the opportunity offered to our clients and to us by Digital Disruption. This is part of a wider initiative too linking three PKF offices across three continents to offer multinational companies these vital and important services."

Andrew McBean
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